A Workbook Designed to Help You
Implement the Plan Detailed on the Videos/DVDs

(It cannot be used alone.)



A 300 page workbook designed to accompany Dr. Day's health videos/DVDs. It is not to be used by itself, as only the combination of the workbook together with the videos provides adequate information for rebuilding the immune system so the body can then effectively fight the disease and heal itself as God designed.

This workbook, as an adjunct to the videos/DVDs, will help you implement the plan given on the videos, the plan Dr. Day used to get well from advanced cancer.

Why disease is Spiritual Is this Health Plan guaranteed to work?
The Good News about God! Questions to help you learn the video material
The healing power of Bible study and prayer Vaccinations: Are they safe? Do they work?
Natural methods of Pain Control Acceptable foods and forbidden foods
The dangers of microwave ovens Necessary cookware and supplies
Is Soy healthful or dangerous? Sample daily schedule
Hypothyroidism Grocery shopping lists
How to handle insomnia, constipation, urinary incontinence Menus, and over 100 recipes
Overcoming fear And much, much more

Workbook Table of Contents

"Just a Few of the Specific Questions
That Are Answered in This Workbook



Listen in your car! Listen as you walk!
Listen as you workout! Listen as a family!

Ten Tape Audio Series

Recorded Live

(CDs Sold Out)

by Lorraine Day, M.D.

Dr. Lorraine Day presents answers to questions about your health you will never find anywhere else. She not only has eminent qualifications as a medical doctor but has also successfully conquered her own Cancer without chemotherapy, radiation or mutilating surgery.

In addition to her Cancer, she also overcame numerous accompanying symptoms of many other illnesses such as Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, severe multiple allergies, anxiety and depression. Her whole body was sick in every way. But now she is totally well!

Since she has personally "walked the walk," she can help YOU as YOU learn how to be well by natural methods.

Audiotape only



On these audiotapes, you will learn:

Dr. Day's amazing story Why disease begins in the Heart
Why Doctors CAN'T cure disease How TV watching damages your brain: your self control, your moral judgement and your willpower
Why it's dangerous to believe the Experts! The coming Global Government and YOU!
Who controls the information you hear about Cancer? The coming diabolic plans for your "Healthcare"
Why High Protein diets CAUSE Cancer How you can have the willpower to GET WELL!
The astonishing simple way to prevent 97% of all heart attacks Why TRUTH is so hard to find and how YOU can learn to discern TRUTH
Why eating meat, poultry and fish kill far more people than smoking cigarettes does Food Management Organizations: Government CONTROL of your food
Why Jesus ate fish Why FAITH is NOT faith until it's tested
Are vegetarians deficient in Vit B 12? Will God REALLY do what He has promised to do?
The dangers of sugar, nutrasweet, MSG and caffeine God's Natural Ten Step Health Plan
Why doctors kill far more people than guns do The causes, prevention and natural treatment for diseases such as Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, glaucoma, arthritis, ulcers, Parkinson's, Alzheimers hiatal hernia, blood clots and many more.

Available on Audiotape only
(CDs Sold Out)



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4 DVD Package

Who Rewrote the Bible?

What Does it Take to Get Well?

I Will Give You Back Your Health Again

Stress Success (5 CD Set)

Eye See: Prevent and Reverse Eye Disease

Getting Started on Getting Well (workbook)

Conquering Confusion (audiotape only)

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Double Blind

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.

Believing is Seeing!

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Sorting Through the MAZE of Alternative Medicine

You Can't Improve Upon God

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Turn on the Light: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Other Books and Videos

What Do I Need to Get Started on the Health Plan?

Dr. Day Responds to Her Critics

The Tumor Dr. Day Endured

What Happened to BarleyGreen?

Good News About God

Additional Information


Why Your Doctor Can't Cure You

You aren't sick Because you have Cancer -
You have Cancer Because you are sick!

Will My Body Heal Itself?

Doesn't Everyone Die Sometime?

What's New in Health and Disease

Swine Flu HOAX

Bird Flu HOAX


Small Pox


Mad Cow Disease

Attention Deficit Disorder

God's Healing Promises

Are Doctors a Gift from God?

You Can't Twitter Your Way to Health

Frequently Asked Questions About Health

Contacting Dr. Day

Dr. Day's Media and Speaking Schedule

AIDS Information

Can Mosquitoes Transmit AIDS?

Frequently Asked Questions about AIDS

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