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"I realize there are many who wish to contact me, but please do the following first:

1. Read all the pages on my web site including clicking on all the red buttons on the top of my home page and all the links at the bottom.

2. Read "What Do I Need to Get Started on the Health Plan" (Super Starter Package) and obtain the materials I recommend to Get Started.

3. Read the "Frequently Asked Questions" (more added every month) even the ones that don't apply directly to your specific diagnosis, because you will learn a lot about what it takes to get well. Read all the Testimonials, my article "Are Doctors a Gift From God?" and my article "You Can't Twitter Your Way to Health."

4. Watch my health DVDs repeatedly and take notes.

5. Read – and study - my 300 page Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well, which contains fifteen pages of answers to Specific Questions.

6. In addition, I have a 5 CD series entitled Stress Success: Overcoming Stress in a Stressful World."

With all these resources, you will have everything you need to know to get well.

If you would like to ask me a question on medical, health, political, or religious issues, you may e-mail your question to me. But first, please check my online (Frequently Asked Questions) as your question may already be answered there. I will try to answer as many questions as possible directly by e-mail within a few days of receiving them. I will also select pertinent questions – with my answer - on various issues to post online. No names, e-mail addresses or other identifiers of the one asking the question will be used, so your privacy will be secure.

Also, please remember that I will not answer any questions that are already covered in my published health materials available at as those answers are already there for you. Nor will I answer questions that are already answered in the published articles in the Political, Spiritual and Health sections at You can read those on the website.

To e-mail a question, click here.

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To order by phone, call 760-343-0965.

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