When attempting to follow "The Plan" on my video
"You Can't Improve on God"

The person just doesn't do it!

There must be a 100% commitment to the program as though one was in "Marine training" and the plan must be followed precisely and with complete dedication, thirteen freshly made juices every day, eight carrot/apple, four green leafy vegetable/apple and one orange plus all whole foods and TOTAL COMMITMENT to ALL other nine parts of the plan. In addition, the person MUST, throughout the day, keep track of the juices and water being consumed, otherwise they lose count and don't drink enough.

One of the most important factors for success is CONSISTENCY! Watch the video "You Can't Improve On God" as many times as necessary. Take notes as you watch. Make out a daily schedule for meals, juices and water. Include in your daily schedule an hour, first thing in the morning, for time alone for Bible study and prayer. Schedule time for daily walking in the fresh air and sunlight. Make sure you are in bed every evening by 9:30 P.M.

Do it ALL! EVERY DAY! Be consistent. Make all of it a habit. Incorporate the total 10-step plan into your life so it becomes permanent and second nature to you.

I can usually tell within five minutes of talking to a person, who is going to be successful and who isn't. If the person wants to change the program, right off the bat, or wants to make all sorts of exceptions, or complains about the food or the juice or longs for meat, or in general resists in any way, they are almost certain to fail. Half-hearted attempts will NEVER lead to success.

On the other hand those who immediately embrace the whole plan and who eagerly do whatever it takes to get well --- these are the ones who GET WELL!


2) Lack of being convinced that the plan works.

The determination and commitment necessary to succeed will be missing if one doesn't truly believe the plan works. Study of the reference books provided on the video and communication with God through Bible study and prayer will alleviate this problem. All wisdom comes from God. He is the ONLY one who can open our minds so we can understand truth.


3) They continue working at their jobs.

The juices are most effective for healing if taken within five minutes of being made in one's own juicer. The longer juice sits, even when it is refrigerated, the more nutrients will be lost due to oxidation. It is virtually impossible to drink 13 glasses of freshly made juice per day while one is working at a job outside the home. In addition, the food that must be eaten is whole, natural food, preferably organic, simply prepared, and is never available in restaurants. Also, the stresses of the job are often a contributing factor in causing the cancer initially. And working at a job does not leave enough time to spend with God daily in Bible study and prayer, exercise in the fresh air and sunshine, and getting to bed by 9:30 at night, plus drinking the juices and eating the properly prepared diet.


4) They travel or take vacations.

It is impossible to follow this plan properly while one is traveling or vacationing. It is impossible to obtain the proper food on the road, and certainly 13 freshly made juices a day cannot be made while traveling. Traveling is often stressful, as well, something the cancer patient must avoid.


5) Family pressures.

The person isn't strong enough to resist the tremendous pressures from family members who are encouraging the patient to accept conventional therapy. Daily Bible study and prayer will provide the strength and determination.


6) The person does not study about his or her own health.

They just wait for someone else to tell them what to do. It is absolutely imperative to devour all of the reference material on my videos, "You Can't Improve On God" and "Diseases Don't Just Happen." to understand and internalize the importance of the plan and to be convinced in one's own mind of its effectiveness. Diligent study also demonstrates a commitment to getting well, and to expanding the mind.


7) The patient lets his or her spouse make all of the decisions.

Of course, if the patient is very sick, this may be necessary. However, as long as the patient has a mind of his own, he should be able to make his own decisions. To do otherwise shows an unhealthy dependence on the spouse and can be one of the sources of the stress that resulted in the cancer in the first place.

8) They continue watching television, listening to the radio or reading newspapers.

The media contains virtually ALL bad news or useless propaganda. What we feed our minds is just as important as what we feed our bodies. There is only one television station that I watched while I was recovering, the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (for information call 618-627-4651). This is a totally different type of religious television network. It focuses on the Lord in a calm and rational manner with beautiful uplifting Christian music, not the secular type of "Christian" music often seen on many religious television stations. Some religious television stations have frantic preaching, heavy rock and jazz music with "Christian" lyrics, and raucous "healers" who have none of the qualities that Jesus demonstrated when He was on earth.

Watching "religious" television of this type, or the degenerate programming of secular television, and listening to secular radio programs that contain large amounts of trivia, propaganda and bad news, as do the newspapers, results in a "dumbing down" of the brain and an inability to discern truth.

A sick person needs to put all these things aside and concentrate on reading the Word of God, particularly the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) which deal with the life of Christ, or the book of Psalms which is comforting and enlightening.

"By beholding, we become changed." We become like those we admire. If we admire and read about Jesus, He will eventually make us like Him. "Whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." Philippians 4:8


9) I'll Try it "for a while."

Many people say "Well, I'll try this natural method for a while and see if it works and if not, I'll have the chemotherapy and radiation." This is a perfect set up for failure. It means that the person clearly is NOT committed to God's natural health plan and therefore does not trust that the Lord can heal them through His natural methods.


10) A total absorption with one's self.

Self-centeredness is the number one problem in almost everyone's life. It is absolutely necessary to get outside of one's self and concentrate on the Lord and helping others. If one is too sick to help others then he must pray for others and quit constantly complaining about his own illness and wondering "Why me?" Illness is a unique opportunity to change one's lifestyle, to change one's diet and to learn to know the Lord personally. It must be appreciated as such.


11) Inability to take responsibility for one's own disease.

We give ourselves cancer by the way we eat and the way we live. We must admit that to ourselves and others. That's a first step in getting well. Just as an alcoholic must admit in front of all the others in Alcoholic's Anonymous that he is an alcoholic, we must also admit our own responsibility for our illness in order to be successful in recovery. As long as we deny our responsibility for our disease, we will never be able to make the dramatic and permanent changes necessary to get well.


12) Lack of an attitude of thankfulness.

An attitude of gratitude is mandatory for true healing to occur. Even if you have cancer, be thankful you are still alive and that you always have a Friend who will "never leave you or forsake you." And no matter how bad things get, a sense of humor can lighten the burden. Even when I was so sick, with that massive tumor on my chest, my husband and I were able to enjoy some moments of irony and rather morbid humor amidst the darkness and gloom that I had to fight constantly.


13) Holding on to anger and grudges.

"Pent up anger is probably the leading cause of death" says Drs. Frank Minirth and Paul Meier, two psychiatrists with many years of experience in treating thousands of patients with depression and mental illness. It is virtually impossible to get well from either physical or mental illness if we continue to harbor anger. Stop looking externally (for things outside yourself) for the cause of your illness. Instead look INSIDE YOURSELF. That's where most of our problems are!


14) People want to trust the "EXPERTS!"

Again, we are dealing with the problem of dependence. People trusting people instead of trusting God. They kneel down at the feet of those in the "white coats" and accept whatever treatment they're given, often to the patient's own detriment and ultimate demise.


15) There are NO "Quick Fixes."

Everyone wants to find an easy, rapid way to get well. But that's impossible! We give ourselves disease one day at a time by the way we eat and live. We must rebuild our immune system and get well; ONE DAY AT A TIME, just like we got sick.


16) Lack of daily, sufficient time spent ALONE with God in Bible study prayer.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the plan, and without this a person does not have the courage, the strength, the commitment, the self-discipline or the faith to follow the plan and believe it can really work.

People often say, "Well, I talk to God all day." That's NOT the same as dedicated Bible study and fervent prayer, ALONE with God with you on your knees! Unless of course, you are too ill to be out of bed.

I had to spend a minimum of an hour EVERY day praying and reading God's Word. God says "You will find Me when you search for Me with ALL your heart." Jeremiah 29:13. You should spend at least as much time every day feeding your mind with spiritual food (Bible study and prayer) as you spend feeding your body with physical food.

That's the way it has to be. And claim God's healing promises that are all through the Bible, such as Deuteronomy 7:11-15 and Psalms 103:1-4.

When I was sick, I couldn't seem to pray enough. I had at least three prayer sessions every day. One alone and two with my husband.

God is the healer. He just does it through His natural health plan.

You CAN be well! But the strength, determination and self-discipline come from the Lord. You must replenish your supply daily by going to Him ALONE every morning.


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