Is it Real? Or is it a Hoax?

Lorraine Day, M.D.

(Posted June 27, 2003)

Is SARS a real entity? Everyone accepts it as true, but NO ONE is asking the right questions. In fact, NO ONE is asking ANY questions!

Let's start from the beginning.

1) What does the acronym SARS stand for?

Answer: Severe, Acute, Respiratory Syndrome.

2) But what does that really mean?

Answer: Almost nothing!

the definition is obvious. It's the opposite of mild. However, this, in fact, does NOT describe the "disorder" accurately.
Acute means rapid onset as opposed to a chronic disease, such as arthritis
Respiratory having to do with the respiratory system.
Syndrome defined in Taber's Medical Dictionary as the following:
"A group of symptoms and signs of disordered function related to one another by means of some anatomic, physiologic, or biochemical peculiarity. This definition does NOT include a precise cause of an illness but does provide a framework of reference for investigating it."

The name really means nothing. "Severe, Acute, Respiratory Syndrome" is a catch-all term that can be applied to numerous disorders, particularly plain, old pneumonia!

2) How can SARS be identified?

A) By its symptoms? A great big, "NO!"

In the headline article of the May 9, 2003 Desert Sun (the only newspaper in the Palm Springs area. It is owned and operated by Gannett, the owners of USA Today), the symptoms of SARS, according to the Centers for Disease Control, are specifically defined as the following:

1) A fever greater than 100.4 degrees. So what! Every doctor knows that a perfectly healthy person can generate that much increased temperature on a moderately hot day. That "fever" is less than 2 degrees above Normal. It is NO "fever" at all!

2) Headache - Big deal! Everyone has a headache now and then. That
can be caused by stress, fatigue, caffeine withdrawal, mild hunger,
a minor cold, the flu and many, many other mild conditions.

3) Body aches - again, so what! That's a totally generic symptom that can occur in anyone at any time. It means NOTHING in this situation!

4) MILD respiratory symptoms. You can have that with a cold, flu, bronchitis, allergies, asthma or even from the effects of a smoggy day. This is not specific enough to identify ANYTHING!

5) Difficulty breathing. This can be associated with all of the conditions mentioned in #4.

These "symptoms" are so generic as to be laughable. Yet these are the symptoms of "SARS" as published by The Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They ought to be ashamed!

These are the symptoms of a mild cold, the flu, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, or any "garden-variety" pneumonia. They are in NO way specific for ANY special disorder!

It is very important to note that this "disorder" is described as a "syndrome" rather than a disease, because this diagnosis is just a "guess." The name tells us nothing. It is a generic name, a name that describes symptoms that could fit any one of forty or more conditions or disorders. It describes anything - - - and nothing!

It is medically IMPOSSIBLE, and totally UNJUSTIFIABLE to state that these run-of-the-mill symptoms, common to a cold, the flu, allergies, asthma, or dozens of other mild medical problems, can be used to designate a "disorder" or "syndrome" that is being described as a "global epidemic," a cause for "panic," or a disorder that can be used to quarantine or isolate individuals, groups, cities or even entire countries!

This is a TOTAL FRAUD!

So, we have most certainly established that a doctor CANNOT specify that a person has SARS by evaluation of their symptoms. ALL the symptoms are completely NON-SPECIFIC.

B) Can you Identify SARS by culturing a specific organism (bacteria or virus)
from the patient?

1) The government says they have isolated the virus that causes SARS.

How AMAZING that researchers were able to do that within a few weeks of the time SARS first appeared, especially when it took almost EIGHT YEARS for researchers to isolate the AIDS virus!

How AMAZING that they were able to isolate the "SARS" virus even though they can't even distinguish SARS, based on the symptoms, from plain old, "garden-variety" pneumonia! How do they know that the "SARS" virus comes from a patient with "SARS," if they can't distinguish "SARS"from any other pneumonia, or many other generic conditions, by its symptoms?

2) The government says that the virus that causes SARS is a member of the family of Coronaviruses.

The truth is that Coronaviruses cause many, many conditions, including colds, the flu, pneumonia and other respiratory infections of ALL varieties. They are common viruses and not specific for ANYTHING.

How can ANYONE say that a Coronavirus is the cause of SARS when the National Post has published that Canada's "top virus hunter, Francis Plummer, a veteran scientist who has spent 20 years tracking AIDS and other deadly infections around the globe, said he is not convinced by the theory that SARS is caused by a rogue strain of coronavirus. Dr. Plummer said tests show only 40% of Canadian SARS patients have the suspect virus in their tissue samples and even these patients have small amounts of it. Moreover, some people who test positive for coronavirus have no SARS symptoms."

"The link between SARS and the virus is quite weak," said Dr. Plummer, scientific director of the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg.

The very fact that less than half of the patients with supposed "SARS" have evidence of the Coronavirus, leaves MAJOR questions about the Coronavirus being the etiological factor for SARS.

What is causing "SARS" in the other 60% of patients?

Why do some people test positive for the "SARS" virus, but have no

To suggest that a Coronavirus is the cause of a supposed disorder generically named "SARS" based on such flimsy "evidence" is very BAD science, at best, and deliberate fraud at the worst!

3) Even if "SARS" were a REAL disease, and even if a "rogue" Coronavirus were the cause of "SARS," the BBC News has published that "the virus thought to cause SARS is CONSTANTLY CHANGING FORM." If that is true, then how can ANYONE know WHAT virus is actually causing the supposed disease, since the virus would mutate to another form before any researcher could establish that a specific form of the virus was the cause of any specific disease?

Notice that the Beijing Genomics Institute reported that the virus is "EXPECTED to mutate very fast and very easily." WHY is it "EXPECTED" to do this? That means it hasn't done that yet, so WHO is EXPECTING it to mutate "very fast and very easily?" - - and on what basis? Could this be a genetically modified form of the Coronavirus, designed in a U.S. laboratory to do just exactly what is predicted?

The article goes on to state that:

"So far, the strain has killed more than 200 people, mainly in China, Hong Kong, Canada and Singapore."

Let's see, the combined populations of China, Hong Kong, Canada and Singapore, must be around 2 BILLION people. To suggest that the death of 200 people, out of a total population of 2 BILLION - over a period of several months - from ANY type of disease, can be characterized as an "epidemic" is absurd!

You can be sure that at least 50 times that many people in that combined area, die from plain old, "garden-variety" pneumonia and other generic respiratory illnesses in half that time!

Every life is important, but statistically speaking, 200 deaths, even in ONE day, out of a population of 2 billion, is not unusual. It has no impact on ANYTHING! It means NOTHING! In NO WAY does it suggest an "epidemic" of ANYTHING! This is nothing but deliberate "Scare Tactics!"

And speaking of "mutation," an article published by the CBS News Online staff, on June 19, 2003, says that "SARS Experts in Canada are "concerned" that the "SARS" virus will be mutating to a "MILDER" form that will not kill the victim, it will cause only a mild disease so that people can go about their daily work - - and transmit it to a large number of others. . . The mutation would also make developing an effective treatment much harder." (Please note: If it's a MILD disease, who needs an "effective" treatment? The body will take care of it, as it does the common cold). Dr. Donald Low, head of microbiology at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto said, that in that case, "different SARS vaccines would have to be manufactured every year or two."

Now wouldn't THAT be a financial BONANZA for the pharmaceutical companies!

4) Whenever the media headlines contain the words, "Panicked," "EXPLOSIVE Epidemic," "Outbreak INEVITABLE," "First Global Epidemic," "SARS Here To Stay," "Unstoppable," "Mystifying," "Terrifying," these are PROPAGANDA words designed specifically to produce TERROR in the hearts and minds of the citizens! These are the exact headline words that have been used to describe the supposed SARS "epidemic."

One headline announced, "US Hospitals Brace for SARS As Cases Inch Up." If cases are only "Inching Up," NO hospital has to BRACE ITSELF. This is Orwellian NewSpeak! - language designed to deliberately instill fear.

Would you "Brace yourself" for a tortoise coming towards you from 500 yards away? Or even a Tiger, if it was only "inching" towards you? Of course not! You would just turn and walk away.

This is propaganda at its worst!

To Summarize So Far:

The supposed disorder of "SARS":

A. CANNOT be distinguished, by its symptoms, from virtually ANY other mild or severe respiratory disorder!

B. CANNOT be distinguished by any specific microorganism (virus or bacteria)!

And just recently, the World Health Organization has demanded that Public Health organizations "EXPAND" the definition of SARS to include ANY patient with a "pulmonary infiltrate."

A "pulmonary infiltrate" is a non-specific term for the infiltration of a localized or generalized area of lung tissue by cells or fluid, not normally present in the lung, causing a dense area on chest X-ray. A few of the many conditions that can present with a pulmonary infiltrate are:

A. Asthma
B. Allergic disorders - of many different kinds
C. Parasitic disorders - of many different kinds
D. Collagen vascular disorders, such as Wegener's granulomatosis and Rheumatoid lung disease
E. Sarcoidosis
F. Fungal infections of the lung - of which there are many
G. Lung Cancer - of several different types
H. Lung metastases from cancer, with the primary tumor in another organ
I. Lymphoma
J. Loffler's syndrome (Acute eosinophilic pneumonia)
K. Viral pneumonia - of many different kinds
L. Bacterial pneumonia - of many different kinds

Any patient with one of these well-known, specific diseases or disorders, will now have to be included in the "SARS suspect" group, causing the number of "possible SARS" patients to fraudulently swell, to triple, quadruple, or quintuple the previous numbers!

"Well, then, if there is no such thing as "SARS," WHY are ALL these people dying?" What are they dying from?" you may ask.

a. First, there is NO way for the average American to verify the numbers that are being published by the news media.

b. These numbers of "deaths," if truly occurring, are easily within normal numbers, in these large metropolitan areas, for deaths from plain old pneumonia in young or old, or even routine flu in the elderly.

People are dying in routine numbers from various diseases and disorders that have been around for many decades. That is nothing new! But there is NO evidence to support the popularly promoted idea that their deaths are due to a "new" syndrome called "SARS!"

Unless the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the US Public Health Department can show us, the American public, and me, as a physician, something more, I must conclude that "SARS" is a Global Scam!

If the disorder of "SARS" doesn't really exist, why is this fraud being perpetrated on America and the world? And by WHOM?

First Question: WHY?

Answer: A) CONTROL!

The following are recent newspaper headlines and/or lead television news stories from around the U.S. and the world:

1) "10,000 Quarantined in Panicked Beijing"

2) "30,000 sent out to Search For SARS Victims" to quarantine them. Question: If I, a highly trained physician, CANNOT distinguish SARS from ANY OTHER type of routine pneumonia based on ANY of the government's published information, how are lay people going to do it?

3) "U.S. Agents Being Trained to Spot SARS" (Associated Press). Homeland Security Department spokesman Dennis Murphy said 22 major U.S. airports, including Kennedy International in New York and Los Angeles International, have public health officials on site.

They can detain ANYONE they choose for ANY reason whatsoever, using the excuse of "SARS."

4) One article about "SARS" in China states that anyone in China that is guilty of spreading the SARS virus to another person, can be shot!

That's the ultimate control!

B) Decrease in Airline Travel:

People are much easier to control if they aren't traveling around. Those committed to revolutionizing the planet earth into a "One World Government" want to do everything possible to induce the population NOT to travel, allowing easier "tracking" of every citizen. (In Communist Russia, before the wall fell, a citizen had to get a "visa" to travel WITHIN the country of Russia, a distance equivalent to that between San Francisco and Los Angeles (approximately 400 miles within the borders of the same country).

And when airline travel falls dramatically, the super-industrialists can "sweep in" and buy up the airline companies at pennies on the dollar.

1) "SARS" is Devastating the Airline Industry:

With decreased travel caused by increased fear, the airlines will probably go bankrupt. Then the super-industrialists who are behind the plans for a One World Government, can buy up ALL the airlines at bargain-basement prices and eliminate ALL competition. They will then be able to make ALL the rules about who can travel and who cannot.

2) The government will be able to quarantine whole cities, or states, or possibly an entire nation, or an airplane full of passengers, or any individual citizen, at the whim of bureaucrats - - based on a "disease" that cannot be specifically identified and doesn't even exist! They can instill TOTAL panic in populations of entire countries, controlling them with great ease.

C) The super-industrialists and framers of a One World Government want to see just how easily the public AND the doctors can be manipulated by an outrageous fable that has absolutely NO basis in fact!

They NOW realize they can tell the public literally ANYTHING, and they will "buy it!" NO ONE will question it, not even the supposed medical "Experts!"

D) The Pharmaceutical companies will be able to make many more billions of dollars by producing yet another NEW vaccine every year or two, that will contain many more deadly substances to force on the population of the U.S. and other countries, as part of their deadly goal of reducing the population of the U.S. and the world.

Second Question: WHO IS BEHIND THIS?

Those promoting a One World Government: The super-international industrialists, those who control the Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S. and the Central Banks of ALL Countries, those who are behind the take-over of ALL the natural resources in Africa, Afghanistan, the former Yugoslavia, AND the Middle East, those who are behind the numerous mergers of many different industries in America, including the banking industry, the defense industry, and the medical industry, to name a few.

Why don't doctors speak up and ask some penetrating questions?

Answer: Because doctors are taught from their first day in their pre-medical studies in college, to:

* NEVER seriously question their superiors,
* NEVER endanger their medical license by "rocking the boat"
* ALWAYS be politically correct
* NEVER question what the majority believes
* NEVER do anything, particularly if it means standing for truth against all odds, that will cause them to lose the respect of their peers

This attitude of unquestioning submission to their superiors continues on throughout medical school, residency and their lifetime of practicing medicine. After all, a doctor's livelihood can be placed in severe jeopardy by those in power above him. A doctor learns early in his or her training, not to step out of line!

To illustrate this "Herd Instinct" of doctors, here are some closely-held "beliefs" of doctors, ALL of which have been completely disproved by literally volumes of documentation!

A. Doctors believe that vaccinations help prevent disease and virtually never have serious, life-threatening side effects, when the truth is that Vaccinations are NEITHER safe NOR effective. (Read Neil Miller's book: Vaccinations: Are they Safe and Effective?")

B. Doctors believe that chemotherapy and radiation are "good" treatments for cancer patients, even though ALL doctors KNOW that BOTH chemotherapy and radiation actually CAUSE cancer and that they BOTH suppress the immune system - the ONLY system that can get a sick patient well!

C. Doctors give out drug prescriptions to patients "like candy" even though doctors know that ALL drugs have serious, often life-threatening, side-effects. And ALL doctors know that the fourth -leading cause of death in America is "adverse effects of drugs prescribed by doctors," and ALL doctors know that the leading cause of falls in the elderly (that frequently cause hip fracture, leading to the patient's ultimate death) is the drugs prescribed by doctors.

Doctors BELIEVE what they are told by: a) their medical school professors, b) the articles in medical journals (although studies have shown that only 1% of those studies are based on sound scientific principles), c) the pharmaceutical company salesmen and saleswomen, who obviously have a completely prejudiced view of treatments since their livelihood depends on disseminating the "party line" of their employer.

A Few Additional Comments:

A) These "new" diseases that suddenly appear, are virtually ALWAYS attributed to either another country (frequently a country that the U.S. or Israeli government is attempting to demonize at that particular moment), or to some animal - common or bizarre. The countries and/or animals include: Asian (flu), China ("SARS"), Monkeys (AIDS), African Rat or Prairie Dogs (Monkeypox), Swine (flu).

It is very important to understand that it is quite unusual for animal viruses to infect humans, and vice versa. In order for that to happen easily, the animal virus must be grown in cultures of human cells. In other words, it must be a deliberate plan to modify the infectivity of an animal virus to make human beings susceptible to it. This is a procedure that is done in U.S. and Israeli laboratories routinely.

B) There WILL be future REAL epidemics similar to AIDS, Ebola Fever, etc. These are for the express purpose of deliberately decreasing the population of the world - - - but SARS is NOT one of them! "SARS" is a GLOBAL HOAX!

C) Many of these "epidemics" will be caused by man-made biological weapons, but not necessarily from an enemy country. The U.S. has its OWN, ACTIVE Biological and Chemical Warfare Program!

Please note the following quote from Bertrand Russell, advisor to Prime Ministers and Presidents, in his book "The Impact of Science on Society":

"At present the population of the world is increasing. . . War so far has had no great effect on this increase . . . I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are other ways . . . If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full . . . the state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially the suffering of others."

This is typical of the attitude of those who promote a One World Government, those who propose to rule the world and make slaves of the people.

As stated above, there WILL be MANY serious diseases emerging. However, the majority of them will be man-made in the Biological Weapons Departments of the U.S. and Israel, to be used against the U.S. population.

But "SARS" is NOT one of them. It is a Global Hoax, designed to terrorize the public, and to see just how gullible the public - and the medical establishment have become!

In Conclusion:

If ANYONE can prove to me, on the basis of the published information from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the US Department of Public Health, as of the posting date of this article, using properly verified statistics and published symptoms, that SARS is indeed, a REAL disease, different from routine pneumonia, I will be happy to pay them $1,000.00 out of my own pocket.


You do NOT have to fear these emerging diseases, real or fraudulent!

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